What Makes Us Ideal

When a pre-made tent design or style, such as the Marquee or Mega Frame, just wont do, Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure offers another great product in the form of "Structures". Whether it be a Fabricated Structure, Web Truss Structure or Side-Access Structure, you can rest assured that with Ideal you will be getting a premium, sturdy &, reliable product every time.


Fabricated Structures

You Imagine It, We Build It

The Concept
Whatever the use; Agricultural, Industrial or Recreational, by simply sketching your idea on a scrap piece of paper, a napkin, a loose board or a piece of vinyl, we’ll use the basic draft of your idea to engineer a custom, dynamic structure. Insulated garage doors, Man-doors and even sliding curtains are possible on any side of the structure. Web Truss Structures and custom builds are our specialty.

Contact Us with all the measurements and your ideal wish list, and let us create the fabricated structure you need. From start to finish, the team at Ideal Canopy will work with you to produce an outstanding product.

Metal Work Materials
Selecting the finest raw material for the construction of every single Ideal Structure is one of our top priorities. Each piece of structural grade aluminum, reinforced fabric or, HSS steel is hand inspected before fabrication. Our experienced team of welders and metal workers hand-craft every order. It's this unique process and method that helps us to achieve outstanding results and a truly high quality Fabricated Structure you can rely on for years to come.

Our Fabric
There are plenty of different kinds of vinyl polyester coated fabric out there, but at Ideal we carefully select suppliers who are able to provide us fabrics that are designed to be fire resistant and are put under a very strict process of testing to prove its quality and ability. Randomly we also send our fabrics for independent testing in order to ensure that the fabric meets Canadian and USA stringent flame retardant certification. Our fabrics are vinyl coated, water proof, tear resistant and flame retardant and provide protection from all of the elements.

On our custom structures we offer 23oz and 27oz PVDF double sided coated vinyl fabric. PVDF coating is created by polymerizing vinylidenedifluoride. It’s a specialty plastic that belongs to the family of fluoropolymers and is used in applications that require high levels of purity and strength, as well as those that require excellent resistance to acids, solvents, bases, and heat.

If you are on a budget, we also have options for economical 20oz acrylic double sided coated PVC vinyl as well as Non FR and FR heavy duty Polyethylene. At Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure we continuously have a wide variety of vinyl fabrics in stock in an array of colours.

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Web Truss Structures

Two Forces Creating a Single Strength

Structure Design
All our large Fabricated Web Trussed Structures are designed and approved in-house. We create a variety of configurations in our Web Struss Structures to ensure that they are engineered to combat wind uplifting and snow loads as per location specifications. Each structure is custom tailored to your requirements. Both engineered and non-engineered are available.

Raw Materials
At Ideal, we use Pre Galvanized Tube manufactured in the USA. The tube has a minimum 50 ksi yield and 55 ksi tensile which is recommended by our independent engineers. The steel used by our Ideal Canopy metal work team is in accordance with CSA G40.21 Grade 350, Angles and Misc. Plates are GR 300. All anchor bolts are ASTM A307, 3/4” Dia. All bolts are to be Grade A325, 5/8” dia. Hot Dip Galvanizing to CSA G164.

Primer & Paint
Our expert manufacturing team are skilled in priming and painting the raw materials we use to the highest quality CGSB 1-GP-48M standards.

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Side Access Structure

Convenience Personified

Need more access to your products within your shelter? With full-size siding doors and increased headroom you will have better mobility and more convenient in-and-out access. See our photo gallery for examples of side access structures we have built over the years.

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