The Versatility In Tents & Structures

The tents, structures and custom solutions available at Ideal Canopy have been crafted to be the most versatile products on the market today. From weddings, special events, storage, construction, you name it, the possibilities are endless. See below for just a few examples of various application for Ideal Canopy Tents & Structures.



A Gorgeous Solution For the Most Memorable Occasion

Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure can offer you a multitude of options for your wedding needs. We take your special day very seriously and go out of our way to provide you with tent and structure options that will help in making an already memorable day, that much more special. With plain walls, clear walls, clear roofs, various window stylings and more, we have all you need to be able to customize your tent or structure into that perfect wedding day venue.

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Strength, Durability & Functionality

At Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure we are proud to be able to offer you a plethora of options and sizes for all of your construction needs. Whether you need a paint or blasting containment shelter, storage warehouse, fabrication shop or even a simple highway salt shed, we have the tent or structure to fit your needs. Our tents are made strong and durable to stand up to the elements and demanding needs of the construction industries.

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Film & Television

Functional to the Final Scene

We are big fans of film & television at Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure, that's why we made sure to create a strong durable product that can withstand the long hours, days and weeks of your filming schedule. Our tents and structures have been used by countless film crews for things like; Video Village Tents, Catering & Lunch Rooms and even Customized Set Tents. You can rest assured that we have the tent solution for your next production.

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Special Events

A Tent For Every Occasion

Quite simply put, Ideal Canopy & Tent Structure has you covered for your next special event...big or small. Whether it be for a concert, a festival show, circus or a simple family barbeque, we have the right tent or structure and available accessories to meet your needs. With our tents & structures and available customization options, you can bet that your next event, no matter how big or small, will be a huge success!

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