Enhance the Look & Functionality of Your Tent

Along with offering a great product, Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure also provides excellent and convenient accessories to further enhance the appearance and overall functionality of your tent. Below are some of the key accessories we are proud to make available to our clients.



All of our walls are made in-house at our facility in Vancouver, BC. There are a variety of options for sizes and type of walls. The most unique thing is that we can custom make any vinyl wall you need. Most of our walls for the tents are made from white opaque (block-out) material with 2” Velcro on the side and a 2” PVC belting welded on the bottom, making the wall ridged and durable. We can also add clips/hooks onto the top of your wall to enable a sliding wall.
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At Ideal Canopy Tent & structure we always have a variety of parts in stock such as gutters, tubes, concrete, replacement covers, connecting sleeves, t-sleeves, cross cables, guy ropes, centre poles, lynch pins, stakes and canopy top vinyl bags. And of course, replacement canopy tarp covers are available in a number of colours for existing frames of any profile and size. Call our office with your requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you to find the parts you need.
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Beyond just a great looking product, we at Ideal Canopy Tent & Structure know that it's all about the substance, functionality and versatility of our products. To aid in dealing with weather and the elements, when needed, our tents and structures can be fitted with strong, high quality gutters for rain, melting snow and moisture run-off. This further adds to the durability of the structure and results in a product that is more functional for a variety of weather conditions.
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